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Agency: Grey Paris
Date: May 2016
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More than 125,000 political violence and torture victims live in France.

Yet, the Government has still not implemented a health and social security policy to help or assist victims. Based on these observations, The Dignity Institute – an international association based in Denmark with 30 years’ experience across 20 countries – has mandated Grey Paris to run an awareness campaign.

With Talking Bones, Grey Paris takes you intimately closer to the victims suffering.

The agency had the innovative idea of recording torture victim’s audio testimonies on their own medical x-rays.

Place the x-ray on a turntable and you can play it like a vinyl record and listen to Arta’s, Adnan’s and Fidele’s stories. Hearing the victims’ stories - whilst seeing with your own eyes their physical injures -forces you to face the reality. It is impossible to ignore. Suddenly, you become brutally aware that torture is not exactly as you imagined. It is not a distant issue but a tangible reality in France.

In order to make torture a key issue of debate - Grey Paris sent vinyl records to key French influencers to create a real conversation about this highly sensitive subject.


Executive Creative Director: Thierry Astier

Art Director: Romain Arrigoni

Copywriter: Nicolas Richard

Additional Credits: Head of Communication: Charlotte Buisson

Director: Francous Bricage

DOP: Fabio Caldironi

Vinyl Maker:

Videographer: Abril Castillo

Photography: Studio Lacen

Sound Production: Ipanema Music

Director: Philippe Hebrard

Sound Production: Possible

Director: Franck Delabre, Stephane Martin