NFL: Get Ready to Celebrate by Grey New York

Client: NFL
Date: Sep 2018
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The National Football League (NFL) is premiering a new multi-platform ad campaign, ‘Get Ready to Celebrate,’ to kick off the new season of Sunday Night Football, and it has enlisted some celebrity ‘coaches’ to help the players get even more creative with their post-touchdown celebrations.

The campaign, created by Grey New York, hones in on the popularity of the touchdown celebrations sweeping the league and looks to up the ante with Hollywood celebs.

In Sunday's debut spot, one unlikely coach, Andy Garcia, is enlisted by Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams. Garcia utilizes his tough guy image, complete with mysterious burner phone and slightly paranoid demeanor, to offer some simple musical advice for the running back's touchdown performance – a touchdown version of the Hokey Pokey.

In another, JB Smoove teams up with Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. Smoove’s fast-talking monologue offers an elaborate take on making the running back a panther, jumping on the goal posts with cat-like agility and staying there until the game is over. The commercial will air online and in-game later in the season.

Other new commercials will feature even more celebrity coaches helping players crack their celebrations as the season unfolds. The integrated campaign, part of a broader league and media effort focusing on the joy of touchdown celebrations, includes online video, social media, public relations and team activations as well as network television. Social videos feature the unique dances of each player.


Grey New York

John Patroulis – Worldwide Chief Creative Officer

Jeff Stamp – Deputy Chief Creative Officer

Mike Cicale – Creative Director

Fanny Josefsson – Senior Copywriter

Ilana Wolstein – Senior Art Director

Raya Rios – Project Manager

Brian Weston – EVP, Global Account Director

Elizabeth Gilchrist – SVP, Account Director

Claire de Lannoy – Account Supervisor

Catherine Sullivan – Account Executive

Tony Lederer – Executive Strategy Director, Content + Activation

Bryce Mathias – Senior Content Architect

Nicolas Pilaprat – Senior Planner

Townhouse Production

James McPherson – Chief Production Officer, NA

Tania Salter – Head of Integrated Production

Alison Horn – VP, Executive Integrated Producer

Elizabeth Auwaerter – Production Coordinator

Diane Wolfe – VP, Executive Business Affairs Manager

Leland Drake – Music Producer

Biscuit Filmworks – Production Company

Aaron Stoller – Director

Shawn Lacy – Partner/Managing Director

Holly Vega – Executive Producer

Mala Vasan – Producer

Mercedes Allen-Sarria / Rachel Glaub – Head of Production

Sebastian Pfaffenbichler – Director of Photography

Shepherd Frankel – Production Designer (Getting Ready To Celebrate)

Tim Moen – Production Designer (Burner Phone + Catwalk)

Arcade Edit – Editorial Company

Paul Martinez – Editor (Get Ready To Celebrate :60/:30)

Dave Anderson – Editor (Burner Phone :30 + Catwalk :30)

Chris Angel – Cutting Assistant (Get Ready To Celebrate :15s)

Abbey Chaus – Assistant Editor

Ryan Andrus – Assistant Editor

Fanny Cruz – Producer

Denice Hutton – Producer

Co. 3 – Telecine Company

Tim Masick – Colorist

Kevin Breheny – Executive Producer

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