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Gillette : #ShavingStereotypes by Grey

Agency: Grey
Client: Gillette
Date: May 2019
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Gillette is aiming to address gender stereotypes in India with its latest campaign that features the barbershop girls of India.

Created by Grey, the film titled #ShavingStereotypes is based on the insight ‘children always learn from what they see’. It tells the story of two barbershop girls, 18-year-old Jyoti and 16-year-old Neha, from the village of Banwari Tola in Uttar Pradesh, and an eight-year-old boy whose thoughts are summed up from everything that he witnesses around him as he notices how gender roles are clearly defined in society.

When the young boy accompanies his father to a barbershop and to his surprise, sees two girls ready to shave his father, the boy is puzzled and asks his father why girls can shave men’s hair.

The father pauses before addressing the prejudice effect and subliminal patriarchy has on the young boy’s mind, responding that a razor wouldn’t know the difference between a boy and a girl.

The film then moves to the two sisters Jyoti and Neha Narayan, showing how they have challenged gender stereotyping often found in Indian villages by running their father’s barbershop.

With their father and their fellow villagers support, the village is seen to be setting the right example and inspiring the next generation of men because children do learn from what they see.


Client: Gillette India

Agency: Grey Group India

Autumn Worldwide India (GreyAutumn)

PR- Huma Qureshi (Grey AMEA)