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Greenpeace: #PlasticMonster

Client: Greenpeace
Date: Apr 2019
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Greenpeace has left just enough years for Nestle to start feeling comfortable, before launching a new attack on its unethical modes of production and its negative environmental impact. This time, Greenpeace is pulling Nestlé's up over its extensive use of plastic packaging.

Back in 2010, the chocolate manufacturer was at the receiving end of a parody Kit Kat video that criticised its use of palm oil.

After the video went viral, Greenpeace got what it set out to achieve when Nestlé announced it would cut off palm oil suppliers linked to deforestation.

Unquestionably hoping to achieve a similar result in targeting Nestlé's plastic packaging, Greenpeace is using its platform to openly scold the chocolate brand for producing 1.7 million metrics tons of plastic packing in 2018. This was a 13% increase from 2017.

Produced by People's Television in a vein of light satire, the social video introduces a fictional Nestlé employee: the 'chief plastics officer.'

After a physically exerting game of squash, he heads to a vending machine for a drink and its quite clear that the materiality of the vessel carrying his refreshment is not on his mind.

As he mindlessly waits for his water bottle to drop, he comes face to face with a menacing, plastic-spewing vending machine monster.

Although handled with humour the video ends with a poignant wake-up call. Using footage shot during Greenpeace's recent ship tour in the Philippines, a shot of a man walking on a sea of plastic waste hits home the immediacy of this issue.

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