SafeAuto: Farnhaan by Greatest Common Factory

Client: SafeAuto
Date: Aug 2017
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A fake Alexa wannabe is featured in a new campaign for insurance company SafeAuto to spoof the imperfections in popular AI devices and users’ instincts to accept the answers regardless.

Dozens of new TV, digital and social media ads by SafeAuto agency Greatest Common Factory, introduce Fârnhäan, a lightbulb atop a wooden box that confidently gives wrong answers in a faux German accent, to drive home the fact that things don’t always make sense in a world of AI and fake news, but by contrast, getting a car insurance quote can be simple, easy and rewarding.

In all spots, an announcer interrupts, saying “that doesn’t sound right,” and invites viewers to check out SafeAuto, closing with, “at least someone’s making sense.” A range of storylines will play out on social media – based on how Fârnhäan might interact and comment on each platform.

Greatest Common Factory gave Fârnhäan a backstory including a fictional scientist, Dr. Greta von Blünk, who’s the subject of a teaser campaign introducing the device.


Title: Fârnhäan

Copywriter: Zach Rener, Tyler Crelia

Art Director/Director/ECD: John Trahar

Producer: Joel Pettit

Executive Producer: Karen Jacobs

Editor: Tyler Crelia

Designer: Richard Sanchez

Social Media: Zach Rener, Chad Beck

VO: Zach Rener

Line Producer: Sue Crain

Production Designer: Eric Archer

DP: Corey Walter

Photographer: Bill Sallans

Post and Finish: Nick Smith, Finland Finish

Sound and Mix: Dave Bewley, Pony Sound

Business Affairs: Melisa Smith

Music: Singing Serpents, Asche & Spencer

Client: Charlie Kordes

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