Just Bare Chicken: Who Makes Your Food by Gravity

Agency: Gravity
Date: Aug 2018
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Just Bare Chicken, owned by chicken producer, Pilgrim’s, looks to get consumers to connect with the brand by introducing them to their farmers and show them where their food is raised. Agency Gravity is introducing the company’s first ad campaign featuring the chicken farmers, all of whom have different hobbies, passions and compelling side jobs.

The first 30-second spot features Adam, from Richmond, Minnesota. Aside from being a chicken farmer for Just Bare, he is also a volunteer firefighter for his community.

Future films will feature other Just Bare farmers, all of whom are highlighted on the brand’s website. They include farmer Rebecca from Avon, Minnesota, who is also a yoga and fitness instructor, and Hasten a search-and-rescue diver for the local police force in Little Falls, Minnesota.


Creative and Media: Gravity

Production: Visionarists and Green Glow Films

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Added 20 March 2019
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