Date: Nov 2018
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Burger King is hijacking the biggest shopping week of the year, making other brands buy fans a Whopper sandwich through a new web portal. Whopper Shopper is a new website from the BK brand that only features online banner ads from other brands so that they can be the ones to pay for people’s Whopper sandwiches.

How it works, according to a video by the burger chain, turns the traditional banner click upside down. Normally, when a shopper clicks a banner on a website and buys something from a brand, the owner of the website gets a percentage of the sale from that brand. With, each time somebody clicks on one of the banner ads and purchases something, the company pays Burger King money – money that BK will give back to its guests in Whopper sandwich vouchers.

The website and promo will be up through Cyber Monday on November 26 while supplies last for US residents only.


Client: Burger King Corporation

Black Friday Whopper Shopper

Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur GmbH

CCO: Felix Fenz

Group CD: Tobias Ahrens

CD: Matthias Preuss (Art), Jakob Eckstein (Text)

Art Director: Alessandro Perri, Erwin Lorenz

Copywriter: Andrew McEvoy

Account Manager: Tim Mangels

Planning: Irene Aniteye

Graphic Designer: Aleksandr Bobrov

Burger King:

Fernando Machado, Marcelo Pascoa, Rogelio Magaña, Renato Rossi, Diego Suarez, Klaus Schmäing, Lemsky Benedikt

Alison Brod Marketing + Communications:

Brooke Scher Mogan, Adrianna Lauricella, Dara Schopp