Client: Grab
Date: Apr 2021
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Each year, brands fall into the trap of celebrating Ramadan in a similar way, pushing tired cliches of a glamorous family gathering ready for Iftar or Suhoor.

Breaking away from such tropes this year, Grab Indonesia’s Ramadan ad couldn’t be further from the norm. Set on a space ship, the sci-fi-inspired film sees humans take on aliens. And its proved popular, racking up over a million views on YouTube since the video broke.

The ad starts with an introduction to the crew members – Indro, Iqbaal, Sophia, Kak Seto and Kucing Tapi Robot Tapi Kucing – in the style of Star Trek as they fly through space during Ramadan. The ship is hijacked by stormtrooper-esque aliens in an nod to Star Wars and even the leader is somewhat reminiscent of its iconic baddie Darth Vader.

With the crew tied up, the unwelcome visitors ransack the ship, stealing all its resources and leaving them with nothing to celebrate Ramadan. Fear not, though, as Kak Seto presses the Grab button and all the ship’s resources are instantly replaced via its various services, such as Grab Mart, Grab Food, Grab Express and Grab’s ride-hailing services.

The drama far from over, the ad ends on a cliffhanger when the captain suggests he wants to get back at the aliens who invaded the ship.