Client: Google
Date: Jan 2020
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Google first aired a Super Bowl a decade ago during the 2010 Super Bowl. During this year’s Super Bowl, the search giant will mark that anniversary with a touching story, ‘Loretta’ that tells the story of an older man who uses Google Assistant to remember his wife and love.

The ad starts with the typing of ‘how not to forget’ before getting personal with a man who uses the Assistant to call up precious memories from decades together with Loretta. He says things like “Show me photos of me and Loretta”, “Remember, Loretta hated my mustache,” and “Play our favorite movie,” as the viewer is walked through a life lived with love.

The ad shows how Google has built products that help people in their daily lives, in big and small ways, and it hints that it can help people remember even as age may take away some of those memories.

To prepare people for the game, Google has also released a video primer, ‘A little help before the Super Bowl,’ which celebrates the questions people ask about the game every year, based on Google Trends data. The teams, cities and performers of the Super Bowl change from year to year, but searches about the game remain consistent. Some queries highlighted in this video include “What time does the Super Bowl start?” “Who won the Super Bowl last year?” and “Greatest catch of all time?” which finds Joe Montana wondering that as well in front of pictures of the infamous 'The Catch' from 1982.