Client: Google
Date: Feb 2019
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On the night dedicated to celebrating the best films of the last year, Google is paying homage to some of the top classics over the last few decades by transporting the characters into modern times with a little help from the Google Assistant.

The ad opens with Dave from 2001 asking computer Hal to open the pod bay doors. When that doesn’t work, he asks Google to open the doors, and the assistant swiftly unlatches them. As the familiar strains of the Ramones classic Blitzkrieg Bop thunders in, the action turns to Stu (Ed Helms) as he scrolls through photos from the night before displayed via the Google Assistant using his Pixel 3 in The Hangover. Lady Bird is next, and as she listens to her mother blather on about her future in the car, her hands are seen arranging a Lyft ride on her Pixel 3 as she bails out of the car. Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) from Scream is next, and she seamlessly survives an attack from a crazed serial killer thanks to her Nest/Home Hub, which pinpoints where the killer is. Cuba Gooding Jr. is seen in his kitchen, demanding “show me the money,” to which the assistant does right on his Home Hub.

The 60 second spot concludes with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool asking the Assistant to check his calendar for the day on his Google Home Hub. When it says that he is to appear in a Google commercial, he quips “That’s never going to happen,” as the ad directs people to


Agency: Arts & Letters Creative Co.