Go-Jek: OOH in Traffic-stricken Jakarta

Client: Go-Jek
Date: Nov 2017
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Go-Jek has leveraged traffic to roll out an out of home campaign in the form of billboards to engage commuters who decided to take four wheel transport instead of a two-wheel Go-Jek.

The story on the billboard reads -

Hey you, yes you. Let's imagine something. Imagine if you can come early to work this morning. Open the doors to the office without feeling embarrassed by your peers that you have come in late. You can get a cup of coffee or tea in the pantry and your mood is just great the entire day. Your peers at work would seem to be fun to work with, you are more productive and you can go home on time.

Still with me right? Ok, let's continue. If you can come home on time, you can eat dinner with your wife and kids at home. You can hear their stories of what they have been up to that day. Oh, the little one also has developed the ability to sing Satu-satu Aku sayang Ibu ("I love my mom first and foremost"). That's alright I'll become the second, you thought to yourself. You know this feeling, a moment that you can't explain in words. Then not long after that you would sleep peacefully with a smile on your face, so would your wife. She would whisper to you that she is happy that you came home on time today. The next day, you would wake up more energized. Like you have gotten extra energy from who knows where. Unbelievable but true. Imagine you can be like this everyday. Let's get back to reality. You still haven't passed the Kuningan intersection (with this traffic) right ? Go-Jek -in aja (just Go-Jek it).

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