Global Goals: Global Goals Posters by Glug

Agency: Glug
Date: Feb 2016
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This year the Global Millennium Development Goals were re-written, released and announced on the Global UN Development Summit at the end of September.

The reason being that the previous 8 goals – stated and released on the millennium shift back in 2000 – had passed their expiry date (15 years) and it was time to align, rewrite and state these 17 new goals.

In collaboration with Global Goals Glug wanted to celebrate and raise awareness around the Millennium Development goals from a creative point of view. It brought together a selection of 17 global designers to each voice their opinions, hopes, fears, thoughts on what the next 15 years will bring.

Glug launched 17 of the posters at an exhibition tonight and will take the initiative to Global Goal’s HQ and dinner reception in early in 2016.


Contributors: Craig Black Studio, Jon Burgerman, Hey Studio, Adhemas Batista, Team Manila, Studio Output, Gust Of, Wind Studio, Just Be Nice, Design Studio, Dimitri Aske, Doug Alves, Valentina D’Efilippo, Anthony Burrill, Socio Design, Daniel Triendl, Vault49, Pentagram, Serial Cut

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