International Day of the Girl: Sisterhood by Girls Who Code

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Girls Who Code is commemorating International Day of the Girl by releasing a digital visual album.

The album is dubbed 'Sisterh>>d', and it calls on girls everywhere to embrace a global sisterhood, especially in the world of tech.

"Girls Who Code has always been about more than leading the fight to close the gender gap in tech. We're a movement, and above all: a Sisterhood," said Girls Who Code founder and chief executive Reshma Saujani. "We embarked on this project for our girls—who we already know are capable of changing the world. This album is designed to remind them that they are not alone; they have a Sisterhood behind them—for support, laughter, and celebration—while they pursue that change."

Album tracks include Anthem, Healing, Ode, On Being and ASMRism. AT&T and the Craig Newmark Philanthropies supported the production of the album.

A video, 'Healing' was also produced, featuring Lizzo, Madame Gandhi, and Seattle's Northside Step Team.


Sisterhood “Healing” (ft. Lizzo, Madame Gandhi, and Seattle’s Northside Step Team)

Production Co.: Black Dog Films

Director: Saela Davis & Anna Rose Holmer

Managing Director: David Mitchell

Executive Producer: Julia Ochsenreiter

Producer: Holly Harding

Director of Photography: Daisy Zhou

Choreographer: Darnesha Weary

Editor: Anne-Laure D’Hooghe

Colorist: Sofie Borup

Sound Design: Christopher Foster

Creative Studio: Yours Truly Creative

Strategy Director: Sonia Salvador

Creative Producer: Alexandra Thurmond

Creative Director: Lydia Fine

Client: Girls Who Code

EP: Reshma Saujani

EP: Ginny Suss

Producer: Ashley Gramby

Producer: Deborah Singer

Producer: Charlotte Stone

Producer: Tania Zaparaniuk

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