Frogs Against Brexit

Date: Apr 2019
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French people have always considered English as their best ennemies. But with the Brexit deadline approaching, TBWA\Paris wanted to tell the world how much France will genuinely miss the UK.

To show how UK departing Europe would leave French people feeling sad and empty, TBWA\Paris decided to make a film produced by TBWA\Else, mixing real life and 3D magic.


Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal & Faustin Claverie

Art Directors : Sebastien Skrzypcak, Morgane Alexandre

Production : TBWA\Else

CEO : Maxime Boiron

Executive producer : Cathy Pericone

Post-producer : Elise Gamboa

Director : Clément Lefer

Head of 3D : Younes Chekouh

Graphist 3D : Clement Choblet

Matte painter & video editor : Quentin Collombet

Sound Production : TBWA\Else

Head of music & sound : Olivier Lefebvre

Music & sound producer : Fabrice Pouvreau

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