Black Button Books: Read Something Better by Friends\TBWA Bucharest

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A new campaign for Black Button Books by Friends\TBWA Bucharest, is based on the insight that people don't realize how much they actually read online everyday - and how much of that is worthless.

Mainstream readers are often discouraged by the size of large books. But by confronting them with a truth about social media, the campaign hopes to spark awareness and make them read something better, at least from time to time.


Advertised brand: Black Button Books

Advert titles: Hashtag Compendium, Tweets, Big Book of Faces

Media: Outdoor, Web Film

Advertising Agency: Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Sorin Tranca - Simplification Officer - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Eugen Suman - Executive Creative Director - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Ioana Teodorescu - Client Service Director - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Alina Buzatu - Head of Strategy - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Paul Nedelcu - Senior Art Director - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Theo Nistor - Art Director - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Teo Chiripuci - Copywriter - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Fesus Barna - Illustrator - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Adriana Vasile - Jr. Strategic Planner - Friends\TBWA Bucharest

Photographer: Almost Ready Productions

Production: Blind Cat Production / Avanpost

Vlad Gliga - Director - Blind Cat Production

Mircea Cioban - Producer - Blind Cat Production

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Added 16 August 2019
Agency: Havas
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