Date: Apr 2017
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HP is launching Reinvent Mindsets, a video series designed to show exactly what unconscious bias looks like and how it comes to pass. The first in the series goes live today and offers a glimpse into the hiring challenges faced by African Americans. Future scenarios will look at other under-represented groups such as women and LGBTQ groups. The message is is simple: HP is hiring and talent is the only criteria.


Creative Director: Laurent Leccia

Brand supervisors: Antonio Lucio, Karen Kahn, Lesley Slaton Brown, Tom Suiter

Agency Supervisors: Fred & Farid, Francois Grouiller, Lisa Rosario, Amanda Hellman

Art Director: Jessie Bowers, Jon Barco

Executive Producers (agency): Erik Iversen, Damon Webster

Production company: The Devil You Know

Producer: Don Block

Director: NAN

DOPs: Matt Batchelor

Editor: Micah Scarpelli/ Uppercut NYC

Music: Storefront/APM

Post-production: Uppercut NYC

Mix: Heard City