Date: Apr 2022
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France Parkinson's, an association dedicated to helping people with cognitive issues, has collaborated with creative agency TBWA\Paris on a captivating film about ‘the most unknown of all known diseases’.

‘Living With Parkinson’s Disease’ explores the deprivation of movement that can come with the illness, shown through the art of dance. In the short spot, viewers see a woman sway through her home using poetic movements while attempting to do mundane things like pour a hot drink or put on some lipstick.

As she glides through the house, a man appears to loom over her, hindering her movements and affecting the routine. As she grapples with the person, and her movements become more agitated, it becomes clear that he is symbolic of Parkinson’s Disease and the physical restrictions she must deal with. The ad ends with the woman sitting in the hallway as her husband comes through the front door. The closing message reads: ‘In France, 200,000 people have to share their lives with Parkinson’s.