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Date: Apr 2023
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Earlier this month, the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism launched a hard-hitting campaign titled ‘Stand Up to Jewish Hate’ that took the blue square emoji and used it to symbolize a staggering statistic. In the US, Jewish people account for 2.4% of the population but are the victims of 55% of religious-based hate crimes. Founded by New England Patriots and Kraft Group boss Robert Kraft, the organization's campaign will cost $25m.

In one of the shocking shorts, viewers see a father take action after he finds his son’s antisemitic social media posts. As he pulls up to a car park, the man confronts the youngster by telling him he is aware of what he has been saying online about Hitler and how disappointed he is in him.

The son sheepishly looks around as his father continues to tell him that this way of thinking is hateful, ugly and cowardly. As the rain pours around them, it becomes clear that the elder has driven his child to a synagogue in order to make him realize that he would not say these antisemitic things to their faces, so he should not do so while hiding behind a screen, either.

The one-minute short ends with the startling statistic that ‘Hitler was right’ was posted over 70k times online last year.