Date: Oct 2018
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For many, the thought of the political process makes them feel ill. The non-stop onslaught of partisan ads, social posts and 24-hour news cycle is enough to wear out the best of any voter, which is why a new video has been created promoting a cure for voter malaise – ‘Voter RX.’

Voter RX, known by its generic name, “voting,” as the video states, is the key to alleviating inactive citizenship, chronic apathy, and most importantly, ‘electile dysfunction.’

The video was created by Dream Tree Film & Productions, which also produced the humorous NatureRX that garnered over 40 million views, in collaboration with Fortnight Collective. Voter RX utilizes humor via a prescription ad spoof to encourage people of all ages, specifically millennials, to go out and vote. The video aims to tap into the grief some may feel now for not voting in the past – those who suffer from the dreaded ‘electile dysfunction,’ as well as those who were previously apathetic about politics.

The digital spot features individuals who represent both parties, as well as the aforementioned apathetic non-voters, thus appealing to anyone and everyone whilst drawing a commonality between these seemingly starkly different people -- all of their frustrations can be “cured” by voting.


Writer | Director: Justin Bogardus

Producers: Olivia Ahnemann Katie Stjernholm Caroline Beaton


Writers, Fortnight Collective: Ari Levi Peter Knierim

Fortnight Collective: Andy Nathan, Founder & CEO

Mandy Eckford, Managing Director

Peter Knierim, Creative Director

Dave Steinke, Creative Director

Jen Jaffe, Head of Finance

Director of Photography: John Roderick

Editor, 11 Dollar Bill: Jess Weber

Chief Strategist, Boulder Strategy House: Ashley Alsup

Sound Design and Mix: Matthew Polis

11 Dollar Bill: Clark Jackson, Colorist Lisa Effress, Managing Partner Brittany Alusie, Producer Travis “Money” Mitchell, Assistant Editor Executive Producers: Jesse & Betsy Fink Margo King John Steiner David J. Cornfield Linda A. Cornfield Andrew C. Currie Ginny Jordan Peter Welles Associate Producers: Hunter Welles Ani Yahzid AJ Grant Assistant Camera: Rob Sackett Gaffers: John Murphy Justin Griesinger Audio: Rich Jacobs Grip/Camera PA: Mary Jeanes Hair/Makeup Unit: Lea Incandela Cindy Cruz Craft Services/Hospitality: Marlene Stjernholm Field Producer RX: Patti Bonnet Still Photography: Hunter Welles Script Supervisors: Pierre Bouchard Katie Stjernholm Storyboard Artist: J. James McFarland Talent Coach / Agency: Su Coffey Natalie Lynn Agency Donna Baldwin "Child Doctor" - Avery Anna Boggs "Insomiac" - Jed Lazar "Lawn Lady" - Janessa Ho "Basketball Player" - Jeremy Cumrine "Yogi" - Asha Bee "Tennis Player / Voter" - Jarrett Ho "Insomiac's Wife" - Melissa Seelig "Tennis Coach" - Danielle Vivarttas "Basketball Player Friend / Voter" - Adam Stoup "Voter" - Ani Yahzid "Yogi Friend" - Caroline Beaton Post Audio Facility: Sound Space PR Account Director, DiGennaro Communications: Samantha Schoenholtz Web Design: Gloss Fiscal Sponsor: Mediators Foundation Executive Director Mediators Foundation: Mark Gerzon Finance, Mediators Foundation: Kathy Gschneider Legal Services: Andrew Kirshenbaum