Date: Oct 2018
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A campaign for Goldman Sachs is raising awareness of the firm’s signature philanthropic initiative, 10,000 Women, which supports female entrepreneurs in emerging markets around the world through access to business education, networking and capital.

A television commercial highlights one of the program’s graduates in Lagos, Nigeria, Ayo Megbope, as she tells her personal story of empowerment and confidence. In the film, she is shown going about her daily tasks of running her business as a restaurant owner. Her voice over says: “When a woman leads a business, she will always have more than one bottom line. Her shareholders are her community. Her success is not only measured by dividends and profits, but also by the path she creates for others to follow.” Her images are interspersed with those of a boy transporting a package on his back by bicycle. When the boy arrives, she opens the package to find her confident chief executive officer (CEO) portrait, which is then displayed on the wall of her business. It ends with her saying: “Being a part of the 10,000 Women program has made me daring.

The print and digital components of the campaign feature CEO-style portraiture – oil paintings in gilded gold frames – of several of the 10,000 women graduates. The headline copy reads: “What changes when a woman leads a business? Everything.” Ad copy goes on to say, “we believe that creating opportunity leads to more opportunity,” underscoring the multiplier effect program graduates have on their communities through revenue growth and job creation.


Production Team

Forsman + Bodenfors New York

Brooke Reno – Group Business Director

Shannon Aldins - Business Director

Rachel Wexler – Account Supervisor

Larissa Andru – Account Executive

Cheryl Von Ooyen – ECD/Writer

Claudette Martin – ACD/Art Director

Christina Carter – Executive Producer

Mike Abell: Copywriter

Kevin Gentile: Art director

Laura Forman - Executive Director, Brand Strategy

Vanessa Cagno – Senior Strategist, Brand Strategy

Cassie Hice – Sr. Business Operations Manager

Anna Fertel – Associate Director, Media

Taylor Hutchinson – Senior Strategist, Media

Ali Arnold - Strategist, Media

Brina Chu – Strategist, Media

Lia McCafferty – Senior Strategist, Media


Elle Ginter – Director Allison Anderson – DP

Africa Film Services (AFS)

Gail Warner – Line Producer

Jayne Rogerson – Head of Production

Anina Dippenaar – Production Coordinator

Ayodeji Ogunlade - Fixer

Ajua Dickson – Casting Director

Funmbi Ogunbanwo – Production/Cast Manager

Bisola Oladipo – Production Coordinator

Samantha Reinders - BTS Stills

Andree Du Preez - Art Director

Funke Shonaya - Wardrobe Stylist

Arcade (Editing)

Kim Bica – Editor

Laurel Metzler – Assistant Editor

The Mill (Portraits & Post Production)

Sally Reynolds - Designer

Krissy Nordella – 2D Lead

Ari Garber – 2D Assist

Tara Holland – 2D Assist

Rachael Trillo – Executive Producer

Sophie Mitchell – Associate Producer

Heard City (Sound Mix)

Elizabeth McClanahan – Mixer and Sound Designer

Sasha Awn – Executive Producer

Barking Owl (Music)

KC Dossett - Producer

Kelly Bayett - CD/Partner