Agency: Fold7
Client: CoppaFeel
Date: Oct 2017
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CoppaFeel, a breast cancer charity for young people, has won the rights to screen the first uncovered set of boobs on British TV in an ad created for its #TrustYourTouch campaign.

The advert was created by Fold7 and encourages viewers to touch their boobs any which way they fancy, in order to detect unusual changes that may signify breast cancer. The creative is bright and zany and riffs on verbs such as 'fiddle, twiddle, jiggle, juggle' to convey that however you use it, the human touch is incredibly sensitive – and useful when it comes to personal health checks.

Shots of hands on breasts – both male and female – are cut with clips of irreverent but relevant objects. These include jellies, piano keys, bubblegum, doughnuts, peaches and basketballs.

The film ends by slowing down the fast pace of its percussive track and focusing on the chest of a woman who has undergone a single mastectomy, presumably because of breast cancer. Overlaid text reads: ‘Touching your boobs could save your life’.