Agency: Fold7
Client: Audible
Date: Sep 2018
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Fold7 launches its latest integrated campaign for Audible, the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio content. The campaign, ‘Mindful Moments,’ shines a spotlight on how consumers can use smartphones and mobile devices as a tool for enrichment.

The TV execution of the campaign offers visuals that flit between two orangutans: one exhibiting the human behaviour of swiping and gaming juxtaposed with another listening to three audiobook performances while calmly completing a Rubik’s Cube. A series of four OOH posters each showcasing four members of the primate species (mandrill, orangutan, gibbon and sifaka) asks the reader to think about more enriching tech experiences.

The rendered orangutan footage for the TV commercial was created by award-winning visual effects and content studio, The Mill, and the imagery was taken by wildlife photographer Tim Flach who specialises in highly-conceptual images of animals.

The launch of the campaign begins with TV (30-second and 10-second), VOD, YouTube (10-second and 6-second) on 17 September, followed by cinema on 21 September and OOH posters, tube and train card panels, DEPS and digital display formats from 8 October.

Neil Caldicott, Brand Marketing Director, Audible, said: “It’s a really exciting and ambitious campaign for us, looking to shine a light on the many moments where listening to Audible is an enriching experience for our customers. Our mission is to help unleash the power of the spoken word, to inspire or educate listeners with thought provoking non-fiction and entertain those who simply want to be immersed in a great story.”


Company/Brand: Audible


Neil Caldicott - Director, Brand and Content

Matthew Parker - Senior Manager, Brand & Creative

Jawad Safdar – Marketing Manager, Demand Generation

Creative Agency: Fold7

Chief executive officer: Marc Nohr

Creative chief officer: Ryan Newey

Creative team:

Ryan Newey & Adrian Lim.

Written by Ryan Newey


Simon Helm (OOH and VOD)

Account team:

Charlotte Elwig: Business Director

Miles Woodford: Account Manager


Yelena Gaufman: Strategy Partner

Marie Agudera: Strategy Director

Agency Producers:

Charlotte Whittall / Max Di Nunno


Short credits

Director: Jorge Montiel

Production Producer: Rebecca Perry

Editor: Jorge Montiel

VFX Supervisors: Sam Driscoll, Stefan Susemihi

Post production: The Mill

Audio: Scramble: Sound Engineer James Lyme

Full credits production

Director: Jorge Montiel

Production Producer: Rebecca Perry

Editor: Jorge Montiel

VFX Supervisor 3D: Sam Driscoll

VFX Supervisor 2D: Stefan Susemihi

3D Artists: Margaux Huneau, Paul Donnellan, Peter Agg, Adam Droy

3D Animators: Alberto Lara, Kevin O’Sullivan, Maxime Cronier

Colourist: Mick Vincent