Date: May 2021
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Health and period tracker app Flo has partnered with designer Sophia Luu to curate a set of four menstruation-related Slack emojis to better represent the experiences of people who menstruate while working.

Up to 90% of people who menstruate have painful periods, and 80% report difficulties in managing productivity due to menstrual-related symptoms. Despite menstruation being a natural monthly occurrence for around half the workforce, discussions around the impact of periods in the workplace are still stigmatized.

The Slack emojis created by Flo and Luu help people coping with period symptoms communicate the ups and downs of their cycles – whether it’s the need to take time off, skip video calls, or warn others of general crankiness – and each emoji comes with a guide that explains when and how to use it, and how to react if a colleague uses it.