German Ministry of the Interior: Trojan Billboard by FischerAppelt

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Every day, the vital work of German rescue workers is impeded by people taking pictures of accidents. People die, because rescue workers can’t get through, need to block rubbernecking instead of doing their job.

Especially since almost no one would admit they are actually doing it. FischerAppelt wanted to find a way to speak to people directly, without blaming them but shaking them up. A special billboard that only displayed its message through the AR filter of a smartphone camera was given to emergency services by the Interior Ministry, to screen accident sites and discourage passers-by from taking pictures with messages like 'If you want to share something, donate blood'.

Instead of sharing pictures of the accident, the gawkers shared pictures of our message. The stunt and the message not only made it into social media, it even reached Europe’s biggest daily newspaper ‘Bild’, which used it to generate more attention to the problem.


Johannes Buzási, Managing Director

David Morales, Creative Director

Philip Bolland, Creative Director

Judith Schilling, Account Director

Claudia Kuprat, Art Director

Dorothee Goetz, Copywriter

Max Penk, Copywriter

Søren Schaller, Director

It’s us, Production

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Added 13 June 2019
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