Date: Apr 2018
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Plastics are flooding the world’s oceans, and a new campaign by non-profit marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd, along with FF New York, is showing the plight of the noblest of our sea creatures affected by that pollution.

Patches of plastic debris the size of entire countries are floating in our oceans, and the mass of plastic grows every year. More than one million ocean animals are stuck in this Plastic Ocean and die each year because of this, according to Sea Shepherd, which adds that many people don’t know about these facts, which is potentially more hazardous to the biodiversity and the environment.

‘Plastic Ocean’ is a project to put this subject on the front page of the social media and to create a mindset of sustainable usage of plastic, especially for younger generations. This campaign created by FF New York is made up of three still visuals and a video. The colorful images highlight animals appearing to swim into plastic barriers.

The video animates that struggle. At first, the animals appear to swim at ease, their bodies outlined by the plastic drapes, but then we see that the turtles, dolphins and sharks are trapped and suffocated by the barriers. The spot ends by stating that a million sea animals die every year, and encouraging people to stop plastic polluting and recycle and reuse.


Client: Sea Shepherd

Agency: FF New York

Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid

Creative Director: Laurent Leccia

Associate Creative Director: Michael Hess

Business Lead: Amanda Hellman

Brand Supervisor: Heather Stimmler Amanda Hellman

Executive Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem

Director of Business Affairs: Lisa Rosario

Animation by Alkemy X

Director: Geoff Bailey

Senior Producer: Jason Sonner

CG Supervisor: Dave Zeevalk

3D Lead: Brendan Fitzgerald

FX: Brendan Fitzgerald

3D Artists: Dave Zeevalk, Adam Stockholm, Pete Hamilton

Compositors: Matthew Robinson, Alejandro Monzon

VFX editor: Lucas Andrei

Music by Tuesday Collective

Music Producers: Vida Ventura, Hallie Bonnar

Vocal Talent: Scarlet Lastrapes

CD/Composer: Theo