Agency: FCB/SIX
Date: Jan 2018
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What if each bar on the pride flag could tell the story of the place it was flying? That’s the idea at the heart of 'Destination Pride,' a new digital platform developed by​ ​Pflag Canada in partnership with FCB/SIX. In a world where gay marriage is legal in one place and homosexuality punishable by death in another, the stakes for LGBTQ+ travelers have always been high. is a step toward helping the community better navigate the planet.

According to Louis Duncan-He, national director of marketing for Pflag, even the relatively simple act of choosing a place to visit can be the difference between sunsets and stare-downs, or worse. There’s never been a single, searchable tool that makes this volume and type of data so accessible.

Duncan-He says the Destination Pride platform is a natural extension of Pflag Canada’s promise of support and inclusiveness for all, enabling the organization to reach its constituents in an entirely new way. The platform includes a commenting hub that allows visitors to the site to discuss the results and share their perspective on every destination. Videos on the site also feature actual interviews with travelers from the LGBTQ+ community, set to animations designed to visualize their story and the data behind it. The platform is launching globally, with Facebook video ad units running in some of the lowest and highest-scoring cities – including Moscow (35), Mumbai (15), Kampala (8), Kingston, Jamaica (27), Macau (51), Toronto (67), San Francisco (69) and Sydney (72).


Campaign: Destination Pride

Client: Pflag Canada

National Director of Marketing: Louis Duncan-He

Agency: FCB/SIX

Executive Creative Director: Ian Mackenzie

Associate Creative Director: Dave Laing

Associate Creative Director: Krystle Mullin

Copywriter: James Ly

Art Director: Devon Williamson

Experience Designer: Patrick Stolk-Ramaker

Associate Design Director: Stuart Thursby

Art Director: Allan Mah

Account Director: Shalta Dicaire Fardin

Group Account Director: Andrea Barrett

Project Manager: Ashley Whitaker

Project Manager: Khizra Arshad

VP, Head of Data and Technology: Jacob Ciesielski

Director of Technology: Madara Ranawake

Developer: Dov Atlin

QA: Peter Panchine

EVP, Strategy: Anna Percy-Dove

Strategy Director: John Fung

Strategist: Zac Matheson

Strategy Coordinator: Mike Conte

President: Andrea Cook

VP, Managing Director: Elizabeth Sellors

VP, Operations: Grace McCann

Print Production: Joyce Jackson

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Front End Developer: Heung Lee

Front End Developer: Jonathan Sanford

Visual Effects: Alter Ego

Designer/Animation Director: Edward Deng

Creative Director: Eric Whipp

Executive Producer: Cheyenne Bloomfield

Music and Sound Design: Grayson Matthews

Music & Voice Director: Mark Domitric

Audio Producer: Kelly McCluskey

Engineer: Vlad Nikolic

Sound Design: Laura Titchner

Sound Design: Ben Swarbrick

Casting: Shasta Lutz, Jigsaw Casting

Media Agency: Initiative Media

President: Helen Galanis

Director of Content Marketing: Katherine Fera