Agency: FCB
Client: Yamaha
Date: Oct 2019
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With the 'Make Yourself Heard' campaign, FCB Hamburg, Yamaha Music Europe wants to show how music can provide a way for young people to communicate their emotions, frustrations and their personalities in three emotional spots.

In three different spots 'Make Yourself Heard' describes how music can help young people to express themselves where words fail. 'Piano Girl', 'Guitar Boy' and 'Drummer Girl' show how a musical instrument can make life easier, at least for a while.

All the spots are played in different lengths and formats on YouTube and Instagram. Furthermore, a landing page, which was also designed and created by the Hamburg-based agency, as well as advertising material at the point of sale helps to draw attention to Yamaha's extensive offering.


Responsible customer team at FCB Hamburg:

Christoph Nann (CCO)

Bernhard Labitzke (Senior Copywriter)

Andreas Kurhan (Senior Copywriter)

Tizian Leschke (Art Director)

Roman Schenker (Digital Concepter)

Daniel Daglioglu (Director Innovation)

Natascha Teidler (Global Head of Production)

Jonas Pieper (Head of Planning)

Annika Haller (Account Director)

Saskia Merz (Account Director)

Davina Hasse (Junior Account Manager)