Agency: FCB
Date: Aug 2019
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Riding on the success of its ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, ’We Are Undefeatable’ intends to inspire and support people with long-term illnesses by making them aware of the positive benefits of physical activity.

The campaign is a heart-wrenching montage of the real people who suffer from long-term health conditions, partaking in various activities they do to stay fit, set to a cover of Sintra's classic record - 'That's Life.'

It includes a young woman in a wheelchair, who doesn't allow her legs to prevent her from dancing, a girl with respiratory problems heading out for a determined jog, a team of old men play touch football, slowly but surely, and an old man working out using a playground gym.

Throughout, little clues point to their various illnesses including a card that reads ‘straight out of chemo’ and a man seen injecting himself with insulin.

But what’s important is the film shows all the different ways of staying active that doesn’t involve doing ‘exercise’ at the gym.

'We Are Undefeatable' also includes social films that give a candid insight into the individual lives of the real people suffering from health conditions, created to act as mini-documentaries. The films use additional and self-filmed footage; giving viewers a real view of their experiences, in a raw and honest way.


Agency: FCB Inferno

Chief Creative Officer: Owen Lee

Creative Partner: Al Young

Creative Director: Sarah Lefkowith

Creative Director: Nicole Chen

Executive Vice President: Sharon Jiggins Senior

Account Director: Lucy Turner

Senior Account Manager: Lara Ashman

Strategy Director: Tom Lindo

Strategist: Imogen Armstrong

Broadcast Producer: Hanna Davis

Director of Innovation: Laura Visick

Broadcast and Content Business Affairs: Caio Silva

Design Lead: Becci Salmon

Design Lead: Sarni Strachan

Head of Creative Production: Mike Jenkins Creative

Producer: Clare Dyer

Retoucher: Rich Bagley

Associate Director Communications and Influencer Marketing: Sami Westwood

Josie Beaumont: Junior Copywriter

Sarah Bignell: Junior Art Director

Photography: Swerve Represents

Photographer: Sophie Harris-Taylor

Framestore credits: Main Film

Colourist - Simon Bourne

Flame - Jason Farrow

Producer - Sian Jenkins


Colourist - Jessica Vile

Flame - Jason Farrow & Ally Burnett

Producer - Sian Jenkins

Knucklehead credits:

Director: JJ Augustavo

Producer: Francis Mildmay-White

Production Manager: Cat Irving

1st AD: Benji Edwards

DOP: Luke Jacobs

2nd Unit Camera: Tommy McMahon

Art Dir: Fred Cassavetti

Wardrobe: Melanie Mildmay-White

Casting Directors: Kharmel Cochrane (London) / Martin Gibbons (Manchester) / Jordan Maxwell

2nd Unit Directors: Joachim Benzimra & Jordan Maxwell

Soundtree credits:

Music and sound: Soundtree

Music Limited Music arranged by Luis Almau

Sound Design and Mix; Henning Knoepfel at Soundtree

Producer Soundtree; Jay James

Trim credits (main film):

Editor: Vid Price Assistant

Editor: Jacques Simon

Producer: Polly Kemp

Editors (social documentaries):

Vid Price

Jacques Simon

Magda Plugowska

Edward Hanbury

Joey Henshaw

Lorna Searl