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Fuel TV: Cobblestone Riders by FCB Lisbon

Agency: FCB Lisbon
Client: Fuel TV
Date: Mar 2017
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Cobblestone Riders project turned the Portuguese cobblestone streets, criss-crossed with tramway rails, into the perfect place for a new way of skating.

And promoted this new sport with a radical online video series that has gone viral.


Client: Fuel TV

Agency: FCB Lisboa

Creative Director: Edson Athayde, Luis Silva Dias

Copywriter: Viton Araújo

Art Director: Rodrigo Burdman, Eduardo Pastor

Designer: João Martins

Shaper: Ricardo Marques

Film Director: Mario Patrocínio

Director of Photography: Pedro Patrocínio

Sound Design: Paulo Costa

Film Production: BRO Cinema

Audio Production: O Menino Grava

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