Agency: FCB
Date: Dec 2019
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Lincoln Financial Group has launched 'The (Un)Spoken Plan' campaign featuring a social experiment called 'Restaurant Talks,' in which it took over a restaurant, added hidden cameras and changed the menu to get real, unsuspecting families talking about finances.

'Restaurant Talks' was created in response to a new proprietary survey, entitled the 2019 Lincoln Financial Conversation Survey*, that revealed, among other startling statistics, that 47% of Americans struggle to have conversations with loved ones about long-term financial planning.

The campaign film, which was directed by Washington Square Films director and hidden camera expert Andrew Lane, featured various families arriving at a restaurant for dinner. The families were handed a unique menu made up of surprising data points (the appetizers) and tough financial questions (the main courses) covering a range of savings, protection, retirement and financial planning topics. Diners were then informed by their waiter that they could pay for their meal only by having a meaningful financial conversation with their loved ones – right then and there. Hidden cameras captured the real reactions and enlightening discussions that followed.