Date: Mar 2018
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A major new anti-knife campaign developed by FCB Inferno for the UK Home Office, aimed at young people aged 10-21, directly challenges the perception that knife possession is normal and makes you safer.

Created to educate young people on the serious consequences of carrying knives and to signpost those at risk to organisations that can offer positive alternatives and practical support, the campaign includes short films telling the stories of young people who have been affected by knife violence, but chose to become #knifefree.


Sharon Jiggins - Executive Vice President, FCB Inferno

Al Young - Creative partner, FCB Inferno

Vicki Holgate - Chief Strategy Officer, FCB Inferno

Ben Edwards - Creative Director, FCB Inferno

Guys Hobbs - Creative Director, FCB Inferno

Emily Whiteaway - Account Director, FCB Inferno

Jamie Tomkins - Senior Account Manager, FCB Inferno

Lara Ashman - Account Manager, FCB Inferno

Charlie Coombes - Producer, FCB Inferno

Senior Project Manager - Tom Lawrence, FCB Inferno

Laura Pirkis - Senior Strategist, FCB Inferno

Lucie Newlan - Strategist, FCB Inferno

Adam Booker - Lead Designer, FCB Inferno

Sian Pearson - Account Executive, FCB Inferno

Rich Bagley - Artworker, FCB Inferno

Steve Clark - Artworker, FCB Inferno

Chris Jordan - Digital designer, FCB Inferno

Director - James Burns

Production House - Archer's Mark