Client: Space NK
Date: Jun 2021
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Space NK has launched its first advertising campaign in over ten years and celebrates the breadth and individuality of beauty routines that have emerged after a year which has seen a surge in people taking time out for self-care.

The campaign, 'This Is Your Beauty', brings to life that beauty is different for everyone, and that whether it gives you confidence or is your moment of escape, everyone deserves a beauty 'space' that is theirs to own. Each person's space may look different, yet there is commonality in an uplifting moment of self-care, an empowering slick of your fail-safe lipstick and a confidence-boosting spritz of your favourite fragrance.

The creative explores the importance of individuality in beauty and discovering what works for you. The brand's beauty advisors both instore and online, are dedicated to helping customers find products that work for them on their terms. It is their choice, their approach to beauty, and it is their beauty' space.'

The campaign will encompass multiple channels, including TikTok, BVOD, paid social, display and YouTube. Imagery from the campaign will feature in Space NK windows across the entire store estate. We also see the cast's personal beauty space as part of an array of empowering and relatable mantras that will be used instore and on social media, such as "Sorry, I have plans with myself", "Running on coffee and dry shampoo", and "Skincare is my self-care."