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Blood Equality: The Dumb Law Paradox by FCB Health

Agency: FCB Health
Date: Mar 2021
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Across the world, gay men are barred from donating blood. In 2020, what could have been a progressive move by the FDA, turned into disappointment. While it decided to change the rule, it arrived with the caveat that to donate, gay men need to be celibate for three months.

The charity #BloodEquality is on a mission to highlight the hypocrisy of this policy change, stating it has no foundation in science. Instead, it argues, it perpetuates years of stigma.

The clever print campaign is called 'The Dumb Law Paradox'. Uncovering 18 of the dumbest laws in the US, it compares them directly to FDA's policy. And in doing so, the team discovered each one of these laws, despite how silly they sounded, had better reasoning to exist when compared to the FDA blood donation policy.