Agency: FCB
Date: Jun 2019
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GE Appliances’ (GEA) latest commercial shows us that, while having too many cooks in the kitchen may make it cramped, there is never too much space for some quality dad time.

Launching in time for Father’s Day on 16 June, and running through the rest of the month, the appliance company’s ‘Less oven-hover, more dad-hover,’ presents two dads whose full focus is on their teenage daughter’s love life, rather than on the chicken dinner they have in the works, thanks to their Precision Cooking wall oven with newly launched air fry technology.

The Precision Cooking feature offers the appropriate times and temperatures for everything from meats to vegetables to baked goods and can be selected on the oven’s Brilliant Touch 7” display, which also has wifi connection and integrated recipes. With the press of a few buttons, making dinner is simplified even further.

The campaign, created through GE Appliances’ agency FCB, is meant to is meant to pay homage to fathers’ roles in the home as valued family members, as well as display its commitment to making home life easier so dads have the ability to take an active role in their kids’ personal affairs (whether they like it or not).


SVP Creative Director – Todd Durston, FCB

Executive Producer- Lindsay Tyler, FCB

Director – Ron Lazzeretti, STORY Productions

GE Appliances Team:

Mary Putman, VP, Marketing & Brand, GE Appliances

Rick Hasselbeck, Chief Commercial Officer, GE Appliances