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Date: Jan 2019
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Both Michelob Ultra and Ultra Pure Gold unveiled their respective Super Bowl commercials, one using robots and the other Zoe Kravitz experimenting with ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).

The two Anheuser-Busch brands are taking different approaches to how they talk to the biggest TV audience of the year – one with a wordless group of super-human robots, the other with a soft talking rising star.

The Michelob Ultra spot, ‘Robots,’ reinforces that being human is about being fit and fun. The brand continues its fitness-focused spots by showing robots alongside humans. The super-human bots run faster, work out harder and even golf better than their human counterparts. But at the end of the day, as everyone is enjoying their Michelob Ultras at the bar, a forelorn, mouthless robot outside looks sad that it can't have one. The tag states: "It's only worth it if you can enjoy it."

‘Robots’ marks Michelob Ultra’s fourth consecutive year in the Super Bowl.

FCB Chicago, the agency that developed ‘Robots,’ also was the lead creative agency on ‘The Pure Experience,’ featuring Kravitz.

The ASMR trend is undoubtedly an unconventional one, with its soft whispers, trees shuddering, nails tapping and other sounds. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold brings beer pouring to the movement.

Kravitz delivers the Pure Gold message with sounds to induce tingling sensations as it encourages drinkers to reconnect with nature through the enjoyment of beer in its organic form. Kravitz sits at a desk in a beautiful natural Hawaiian setting, with two microphones. She whispers into each one separately, taps on the beer bottle, rolls it around and pours it tenderly into the glass so the bubbles release their effervescence. The tag is “Beer in its organic form.”


Agency: FCB Chicago

Brands: Michelob Ultra and Michelob Ultra Pure Gold