Agency: FCB Canada
Client: Air Canada
Date: Oct 2019
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Killing Eve star Sandra Oh is from Canada, and since Canadians are known globally for their polite ways, Oh is out to teach people how to ‘Travel Like a Canadian’ in a new spot for Air Canada.

The campaign takes a playful look at how Canadians travel and interact with other cultures abroad, while celebrating some of the country’s unique values, to show the world just how Canadians do it right.

The launch video features Oh walking through an airport and pointing out that when people fly Air Canada – which was named the best airline in North America for the third straight year at the 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards – they’re essentially traveling like a Canadian, so she points out a few ways to act Canadian. First, she bumps into another Canadian woman and in true fashion, both apologize, then exchange very Canadian phrases like “loonie-toonie” and “ketchup chips”.

Oh then moves on to break up an argument between two girls by offering them a steaming helping of poutine with two forks. Problem solved. She then praises the Canadian way of sharing things with other cultures, as she sidles up to the bar next to a Japanese businessman and orders two Caesars – bloody-mary style drinks with ridiculous amounts of garnishes, including a burger slider.

From there it’s on to the plane where she embraces all cultures by greeting a diverse group of passengers in their native tongues. As she sits down, she politely tells an American man that he’s in her seat. He apologizes in the most Canadian way possible.


Agency: FCB Canada

Client: Air Canada

Director: Adam Reid, Holiday Films