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Hovis: Best of Both by FareShare

Agency: FareShare
Client: Hovis
Date: Jan 2021
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Amid many consumer challenges over Free School Meals, Hovis' 'Best of Both' has committed to increasing its support for families living in food poverty by donating an additional 250,000 loaves. This is enough bread to make an additional 2.5 million sandwiches in 2021 on top of the annual donation of 250,000 loaves from the brand.

The bread is being donated in partnership with the charity FareShare, the UK’s longest running food redistribution charity, which, along with Hovis, also supports the Marcus Rashford Child Food Poverty Taskforce. In 2020, Hovis donated 250,000 loaves from across their range – providing enough slices for 2.5m sandwiches to those families living in food poverty.

Not only has Hovis committed to increasing its bread donations to create 2.5 million additional sandwiches in 2021, but it has also promised that its donations will be of Best of Both, one of its longest standing product ranges that has just re-launched with a new recipe. The new Best of Both is rich in Vitamin D which helps to support the immune system.