Client: FanDuel
Date: Nov 2018
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Cornerback Vontae Davis made news when he ran off the football field and kept going, retiring during halftime of a game for the Buffalo Bills. Now, he’s poking fun at his very public retirement from the NFL by telling fantasy footballers it’s OK to quit mid-season and get a fresh start by playing on FanDuel.

The online sports gaming destination has debuted a multichannel campaign featuring recently retired Davis. The campaign encompasses digital, television, and social, including a new 30-second television spot to appear on DirecTV and NBCU properties.

With the football season past the halfway mark, many season-long fantasy players must come to grips with the fact that their dreams of making their fantasy league playoffs and winning it all are over. But FanDuel wants them to know that they don’t have to stop playing fantasy football. FanDuel, in tandem with Davis, is letting them know that it’s OK to walk away from their fantasy leagues and get a fresh start by playing on FanDuel.


FanDuel internal team

Vontae Davis