Agency: Fancy
Date: Mar 2020
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A group of women in tech have banded together to highlight gender inequality in the tech world for the ‘#SheTransformsTech’ social media campaign.

New York-based ad agency Fancy mobilized its network of creative women, who lent their talents and time to support World Pulse, a social network connecting women worldwide for change.

The agency created the #SheTransformsTech campaign to bring awareness to the real worldwide inequities in all aspects of technology, from development to access. At the centerpiece of the campaign is a crowdsourced video in which World Pulse members from around the world share their relationship with technology via personal, self-filmed videos.

The video highlights women from the US, Canada, Nigeria, Cameroon, India, Pakistan, Tanzania, and the Philippines all talking about how the tech world is skewed towards men, including that platforms are designed mostly by and for men, and most do not consider the safety of women. The video states facts about the global state of women and technology, and the ways these women and the World Pulse community are actively working to improve the existing statistics and level the playing field for all people to have access to technology.

The video will be run across all of World Pulse’s social media profiles with the hashtag #SheTransformsTech.

The campaign will culminate in a formal report that will be delivered to technology leaders, policymakers and the United Nations as part of the Beijing +25 review process of the women’s rights platform, ensuring women now have a voice in the global technology conversation.


Client: World Pulse

Agency: Fancy LLC

Chief Creative Officer: Katie Keating AND Erica Fite

Exec Producer: Dani Dufresne / The Auxiliary Co.

Managing Partner / Account: Lindsey Seyman

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