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Cancer@Work - The Unstoppable Résumé by FamousGrey Paris

Date: Mar 2019
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After a first major campaign, Cancer@Work and FamousGrey Paris have devised a device to help cancer patients find their place in the professional world thanks to a new campaign entitled The Unstoppable Résumé.

Cancer@Work has chosen to give former patients the opportunities to re-enter the labor market, by creating The Unstoppable Résumé.

Nowadays, the recruiting world is more and more computerized: 95% of large companies and 50% of SMEs use recruitment software called ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This software is programmed to analyze CVs. They cross-reference dates or ranges of experiences and search for specific keywords. Therefore, they are able to exclude a CV that contains a period of inactivity like a recovery period. For people affected by cancer, finding work is extremely complicated because of the blank space left by the disease on their CV.

To give cancer patients as much chance as other candidates to get interviews, Cancer@Work has created an online platform called The Unstoppable Résumé.

By connecting on with their LinkedIn account, cancer patients can automatically generate a CV that transforms this blank space that could exclude them from the process into a strength. This period is filled with a text that contains the skills they developed during their fight against cancer. Written in white on white, this text, invisible to the naked eye, allows CVs generated via the platform to pass through the filters of recruiters’ software.


Client: Cancer@Work

Managers: Anne-Sophie Tuszynski, Nathalie Presson, Jeanne Laversin

Agency: FamousGrey Paris

President: Marc Fauconnier

Managing Director: Bénédicte Muller

Executive Creative Directors: Romain Repellin & Régis Boulanger

Artistic Director: Bertille Vermot

Copywriters: Jean Estauver, Alexandre Dufayet

Strategic Planning Director: Guillaume Bilheude

Strategic Planner: Lucas Scotti

Business Director: Laurence Cormier

Project Manager: Lucie Latrobe

Production Manager: Adam Araujo

Director: François-Xavier Repellin

Cameraman: Florian Henry

Video Editor & Motion Designer: Olivier Caunes

Webdesigner: Grégoire Mirandel

Website Developer: Fabien Clerc

Sound Production: Lamaisondeproduction

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