Date: Mar 2020
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Devils Backbone Brewing Company partnered with Familiar Creatures for the second year in a row to launch their new paid social media campaign. To speak directly to the brewer's millennial dad target, the ad agency created videos with a nostalgic jingle sung over romanticized, tongue-in-cheek visuals. The retro approach is intended to stand out in the social media space, where brands often strive to be trendy, hip and relevant.

Working with the music composition company Overcoast, Familiar Creatures wrote a feel-good jingle that encourages drinkers to slow down and savor a moment with their beer. Overcoast then commissioned a musician who’s sung jingles for Folgers, Gillette and Big Red Gum, popular staples of 80s advertising.

The films were shot by local photographer and director Brian Camp, who scouted various scenic areas in Virginia to showcase the actors and the beers.


Agency: Familiar Creatures

Creative Director/Co-Founder: Dustin Artz

Creative Director/Co-Founder: Justin Bajan

Managing Director: Christina Cooper

Editing: Familiar Creatures Editorial

Color: Madbox

Colorist: Matthew West

Brian K Camp Photography

Director/DP: Brian Camp

Music and Mix: Overcoast

Colin Beckett - Head of Production UK

J.L. Hodges - Creative Director

Matt Whitworth - Head of Post Production


Marketing Director: Marisa Black

Brand Manager: Elizabeth Scalla