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Silk: Progress is Perfection by Fallon Minneapolis

Client: Silk
Date: Sep 2018
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Silk, a top plant-based beverage brand, launched 'Progress is Perfection,' a new ad, created by Fallon Minneapolis. It stars Olympic gold medalist and world champion Michael Phelps in an unusual way – as the foil for 'Greg,' a hardworking everyman who drinks Silk and swims laps a few mornings every week.

To be clear, he has no interest in attaining a Phelps-esque level of perfection. Rather than Phelps, Greg is presented as the ideal while Silk highlights that progress, in and of itself, is perfection.

This spot is the first of several which will each showcase different types of progress happening in our day-to-day lives but for which we may not give ourselves enough credit.

The campaign, which reinforces Silk’s designation as the official Almond milk of US Figure Skating, will be supported by broadcast, digital, social and print.


Jeff Kling - Chief Creative Officer - Fallon

Rick Utzinger - Creative Director - Fallon

Simon Roseblade - Senior Copywriter - Fallon

Jay Morrison - Senior Art Director - Fallon

Pat Sidoti - Head of Production - Fallon

Erin Kirby - Integrated Producer - Fallon

Brendan Lawrence - Head of Business Affairs - Fallon

Matt Benka - Director of Account Service & Digital - Fallon

Jordan Hoffarber - Business Lead - Fallon

Natalie Harrison - Account Supervisor - Fallon

Julia Frayne - Account Manager - Fallon

Chad Koehnen - Group Planning Director - Fallon

Stacy Wall - Director -Imperial Woodpecker

Mihai Malaimare Jr. - Director of Photography - Imperial Woodpecker

Anita Wetterstedt - Producer - Imperial Woodpecker

Charlie Cocuzza - Executive Producer - Imperial Woodpecker

Doug Halbert -- Managing Partner, EP - Imperial Woodpecker

Will Hasell - Editor

Rebecca Jameson - Senior Producer - Arcade

Tessa Malsam - Assistant Editor - Arcade

Damian Stevens - Managing Partner - Arcade

Crissy DeSimone - Executive Producer - Arcade

Kirsten Thon-Webb - Head of Production - Arcade

Mark Gethin - Colorist - MPC

Rebecca Boorsma - Color Producer - MPC

Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau - Creative Directors, Partners - Timber

Sabrina Elizondo - Executive Producer - Timber

Chris Homel - Flame Artist - Timber

Brandon Harden, Brack Hightchew - Flame Assist - Timber

James L Reid - Producer - Timber

Jon Lorenz - Senior Art Director - Timber

Zach Carnes - 2D Artist - Timber

Jeff Payne & Ben Freer - Mix / Sound Design - Eleven Sound

Andrew Smith - Assistant Mixer - Eleven Sound

Melissa Elston - Executive Producer - Eleven Sound

Maddee Bonniot - Producer - Eleven Sound