Client: eve sleep
Date: Aug 2019
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Eve Sleep has unveiled a campaign demanding that sleep is recognised as a fundamental human right.

The mattress e-commerce company has penned an open letter to Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Robert Buckland, calling on him to support the initiative.

“Society depends and thrives on sleep,” reads the letter, “so why aren’t we doing something about it? Why aren’t we protecting people’s right to sleep?”

The company has identified vulnerable groups of people – including those living under the Heathrow runway flight path, shift workers, teachers and doctors – whose health and wellbeing it claims could be dramatically improved by amending The Human Rights Act 1998 to include sleep.

“We’re asking for your help to change the law and recognize sleep in the Human Rights Act. It's time to wake up to the injustice of poor sleep and work together to give vulnerable groups the right to sleep,” writes Eve.

The letter, which was delivered to parliament and published on a mobile billboard outside Westminster, marks the beginning of Eve drive to get snoozing protected by law.