Eu Yan Sang: Unspoken feelings by Constant

Date: Feb 2018
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Chinese medicine giant Eu Yan Sang has launched an integrated Chinese New Year campaign across Hong Kong and Macau by tapping into the emotional side of the festive period and calling attention to how Chinese parents show their love.

The Chinese way to say “I love you” presents itself in many complex forms but is rarely obvious. The heart of the campaign focuses on “unspoken feelings” between generations, recreating relatable scenarios that illustrate the way traditional Chinese families tend to not openly say how they feel, but express affections in their own way – whether expressing verbal disapprovals under the guise of encouraging strength and growth, or discreetly taking care of family problems quietly and unprompted.

The campaign includes online, social, print and MTR advertisements and will run until February 16.


Creative agency


Tim Ho - Creative Director

Tem Hansen - Strategy Director

Paul Lam - Business Director

Debbie Poon - Senior Designer

Kyle Chiu - Account Manager

Olivia Chan - Graphic Designer

Azusa Hyde - Producer

Candice Dain - Production Assistant

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