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Erich & Kallman had been working with New Belgium Brewing for about six months when they told the agency about a new beer they were working on, bringing together hops and hemp to create a truly new, great, and dank experience - the world’s only HPA.

They asked the agency to name and brand this ground-breaking liquid. Of the hundreds of options presented, the clear winner was 'The Hemperor'. Aside from naming, they also created the Hemperor character, a strong, playful and benevolent ruler of all things hemp, illustrated him, and brought him to life in the launch campaign for the product.

The Hemperor HPA debuted in a few metro areas on 4/20, and is currently going into national distribution. The campaign launched near Memorial Day on mostly digital outlets, due to restrictions on advertising hemp based products.


Agency: Erich & Kallmann

Client: New Belgium Brewing Company