Client: Equinox
Date: Jan 2019
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The luxury lifestyle brand Equinox debuts Life - a short film that explores life beyond fitness - as it kick-starts its annual campaign to dovetail with a month renowned for personal growth and improvement.

The US-based gym and lifestyle brand has decided to drop its 'Commit to Something' tagline which has been the focus for the past few years, the film instead re-envisions Equinox's original mantra: "It's not fitness. It's life" which was first introduced in 2004.

Directed by photographer and Showstudio director, Nick Knight, the short film is the first in an ongoing season of collaborations.

In line with the: "It's not fitness. It's life" tagline, the film illustrates the profound influence fitness has on life outside the gym by exploring life's elements - spirit, energy, light, water, love, life and voice.

To capture the spirit of 'life' Knight involved a cast of inspiring talent to embody the qualities of each component, which he weaves throughout the narrative.

Grammy Award winner Ciara represents spirit in a dynamic dance sequence, while water is organically brought to life by models Hannah Ferguson and Richard Ampaw.

The ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who embodies 'life' itself, is tasked with combining all the elements that have come before through a kinetic finale dance.