Date: Mar 2022
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Motherhood is a beautiful thing for many women, but often the journey comes with a lot of personal sacrifices – notably career progression and its financial implications. Shining a light on this, creative agency Mortierbrigade has collaborated with Equal Pay Day on a beautiful yet thought-provoking film.

‘The Umbilical Cord’ portrays real athletes who have been extremely successful in their respective sports entangled with their children with a symbolic conduit. The sports stars featured include six-time world champion hammer thrower Kathleen De Wolf, gold medalist pole vaulter Karen Pollefeyt, champion hurdler Vita Van Belleghem, synchronized swimmers Genevieve Michils and Alexandra Baes and gymnast Ellen Grillet. Each of the women has made huge sacrifices in their careers in order to be the main caregivers, but this new campaign wants to highlight that this doesn’t have to be the only option.