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Cracker Barrel: What's Cookin' Today? by Epsilon Agency

Date: Apr 2018
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Cracker Barrel recently added new limited-time only items to its menu and wanted to find a fresh way to connect with younger audiences.

In these three spots, which showcase Cracker Barrel’s three new Southern Bowls, cooking show hosts talk about how they’re going to make the dishes with little to no knowledge about authentic Southern cuisine (in stark contrast to Cracker Barrel’s expertise in this area).

Cracker Barrel aimed to maintain its charming, hospitable, warm and authentic brand personality while using humor as a way to connect with a youthful demographic.


Chief Creative Officer- John Immesoete

Executive Creative Director - Barry Burdiak

Creative Director - Corey Ciszek

Head of Production - Jill Frank

Senior Producer- Sally McGuin

Producer - Sadie Altvater

VP Client Service - JT Mapel

Director- John Immesoete