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Warburton's: It Can Wait by Engine & Freuds

Agencies: Engine , Freuds
Date: May 2021
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Warburtons has revealed its latest TV advert that stars George Clooney, alongside bakery boss Jonathan Warburton.

The ad comes as the latest edition of Warburtons’ series of epic stories in which A list celebrities including Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone pitch a movie idea to the bakery’s chairman Jonathan Warburton.

The ad opens in Jonathan Warburton’s office. He is eagerly awaiting his 3pm break. As the clock strikes the top of the hour, Warburton is seen preparing his favourite snack – the perfect slice of hot buttered toast.

The Chairman is suddenly interrupted as his receptionist runs into the room and declares 'Mr. Warburton, George Clooney is on the line!' She gestures to a laptop where George Clooney is waiting. Jonathan, not wanting to be distracted from his toast smiles 'he can wait' as he closes the laptop and tucks into his beloved toast.

George is left bewildered in the final shot as he is seen staring down the laptop screen saying: 'Mr. Warburton? He hung up?'


Creative Direction

Billy Faithfull, ENGINE

Matthew Freud, freuds

Creative Team

Hugo Isaacs

Chris da Roza

Account team

Louise Hayward

Celia Taylor

Megan Seaby

Strategy team

Simon Butcher

Jack Cartwright

Executive Producer

Bradley Woodus

Agency Producer

Victoria Doran

Assistant Producer

Jakub Pieta

Project Director

Seb Roskell

Junior Project Manager

Penny McNally


Martin Hill

Director/Production Co

Declan Lowney / Another Film Company


Simon Monhemius


Charlie Moreton/WORK

Post Production

The Mill

Post Producers

Chris Allen

Mia Saunders

Hannah Jarrold

Sound Design

Ben Leeves/JUNGLE

Music Composer and arranger

Jacob Wheeler and Sam Pegg / Major-Tom

Talent agency: Signature/freuds

Talent procurement: Matthew Freud, Helen Rabbatts, Alex Village