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Parkinson's Is... by Engine

Agency: Engine
Date: Apr 2019
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Parkinson's UK has launched a campaign to mark World Parkinson’s Day (11 April) which seeks to raise awareness of the brutality and gravity of the neurological condition that affects two people every hour.

Created by Engine, the 'Parkinson's Is' ad seeks to educate the general public on the condition, to show it is far more than just the widely perceived shake.

It also looks to challenge the misconception that the condition predominately affects older men, and show that it is prevalent in a much more diverse group of people than they might expect.

The film opens with a young tattooed father explaining that “Parkinson’s is my depression”, a lesser known symptom, while a young mother follows with “Parkinson’s is my slowness of movement”, as we see a lipstick simply held next to her lips.

Alongside the individual stories, the film also explores how the condition affects others, including a woman describing how she worries about her husband’s next fall.

To ensure the campaign is authentic, Engine made sure it featured four people who live with Parkinson’s as opposed to using actors.

The work will run for six weeks on Broadcast VOD and across Facebook and Instagram social channels.


Client: Parkinson’s UK

Agency: Engine

Executive Creative Director: Charlie Johnson

Creative: James Ranson

Agency Producers: Lauren Havard, Nicky Myers

Account Handling: Simon Hewitt

Planning: Allan Blair

Media Agency: Mediacom

Production Company: Trailer Park

Director/Animator: Chris Parton